11 sep. 2009

"Gillar du inte tyskar?"

Läser i Expressen en ganska håglös och tråkig artikel, påminns dock om en betydligt bättre och berömd intervju från Playboy i februari 1975 med Mel Brooks.


Jo, på den tiden så var det oerhört mycket att läsa i tidningen - och det var högkvalitativa journalister som skrev där... Många av dem blev sedan oerhört respekterade journalister sedan.

På topp!

Antagligen stod Brooks på sin höjdpunkt av snabbheter och fyndigheter vid tillfället för intervjun - iofs började han inte dala förrän kanske 20 år senare, så... ;o)


Jag hittade intervjun avskriven här, men är man verkligen intresserad så finns de nästan alltid att hitta på eBay...

Killens resumé, som regissör

+++  Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995)
+++  Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)
++   Life Stinks (1991)
++++ Spaceballs (1987)
+++  History of the World: Part I (1981)
+++  High Anxiety (1977)
++++ Silent Movie (1976)
++++ Young Frankenstein (1974)
++++ Blazing Saddles (1974)
+ The Twelve Chairs (1970)
+++  The Producers (1968)

Vilket snittbetyg!

Det ger knappt 3,2 i snittbetyg för mig - det är inte många andra filmskapare som kommer upp i den klassen! Framför allt inte med humoristiska filmer, det är sjukt svårt att vara rolig år ut och år in.

Ur intervjun:

PLAYBOY: In your movies, you make fun of Germans. Don't you like them?

BROOKS: Me? Not like Germans? Why should I not like Germans? Just because they're arrogant and have fat necks and do anything they're told so long as it's cruel, and killed millions of Jews in concentration camps and made soap out of their skins? Is that any reason to hate their fucking guts?

PLAYBOY: Certainly not. Have you ever been to Germany?

BROOKS: Only to kill Germans. I was in the Army, World War Two. Seventeen, I enlisted. Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Basic training, right? Make a soldier out of the Jew boy. Left, right. I tried to explain to the sergeant, walking is not good for Jews. He felt otherwise. Then one day they put us all in trucks, drove us to the railroad station, put us in a locked train with the windows blacked out. We get off the train, we get on a boat. We get off the boat, we get into trucks. We get out of the trucks, we start walking. Suddenly, all around us, Waauhwaauhwaauh! Sirens! Tiger Tanks! We're surrounded by Germans. It's the Battle of The Bulge! Hands up! "Wait!" I say, "We just left Oklahoma!" We're Americans! We're supposed to win!" Very scary, but we escaped.

I spent a lot of time in the artillery. Too noisy. Could not take the noise. All through the war, two cigarette butts stuck in my ears. Couldn't read, couldn't think, couldn't even make a phone call. Baghamoooooommmmm! Brrllaggghhaarrooooooooooommmmm! And then they started shooting. "Incoming mail!" Bullshit. Only Burt Lancaster says that. We said, "Oh, God! Oh, Christ!" Who knows, he might help. He was Jewish, too. "MOTHER!"

I was a forward observer. Couldn't learn the artillery argot. You're supposed to give them map coordinates: "Alpha 38 point 27. Correction. Beta 2 point 3." But I'd say, "No, no! You're missing it! You're going over, dummy! You're not even near! Aim for the big tree by the church! Say, listen, did the chow come up yet?" Very unmilitary. I didn't last long as a forward observer.

PLAYBOY: What did you do when you got out of the Army?

BROOKS: Wait, your going to fast! At the end of the war, I did Army shows. First for the Germans, then at Fort Dix I did some camp shows. We all rolled up our pants and were the Andrews Sisters. One of us is still doing LaVerne in the last village. Anyway, after I got out, I had three choices. I could go to college and hang out a shingle and make $10,000 a year. Another thing for a Jew to do would be to become a salesman. Hipsy, pipsy, lotsa pep, you know? White-on-white shirt, black-mohair suit, Swank cuff links and, if you made it, a cat's eye-ring, on the pinkie, our bar mitzvah ring. That was the big Brooklyn jewelry artillery. Shine in everybody's eyes at a party.

PLAYBOY: And the third thing?

BROOKS: Show business. But you got to understand something: Jews don't do comedy in winter. In summer, all right. You’re a kid, you work in the mountains. That's how I got started years before - as a pool tumeler. A pool tumeler is a busboy with tinsel in his blood. For eight bucks a week and all you can eat, you do dishes, rent out rowboats, clean up the tennis courts and, if you beg hard enough, they let you try to be funny around the pool. I'm 14 years old and I walk out on the diving board wearing a black derby and a big black-alpaca overcoat. I'm carrying two suitcases filled with rocks. "Business is terrible!" I yell. "I can't go on!" And I jump in the pool. Big laughs - the Jews love it. But I don't laugh - because the suitcases weigh a ton and like a shot I go to the bottom. The overcoat soaks up 20 gallons of water instantly. I run out of air, but I can't lift the suitcases - and I can't leave them in the water. They're made of cardboard, in two minutes they'll dissolve, and I need them for tomorrow's act. God bless Oliver, that big goy! He was the lifeguard - Jews don't swim, remember? - and every day he'd do a little swan dive and haul me up.


Jo, hela intervjun är i samma galna stil.... Så om man har ork och tid så är det inte, upprepar, inte bortkastad tid att plöja igenom dem.
Hysteriskt är väl det snällaste man kan säga? ;o)

Mer om...

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